Monday, February 10, 2014

Maybe Their 'Faith' Isn't Real Either

People don’t realize the anger that follows the realization of Godlessness.  After putting all your hope and faith into something, the letdown is tremendous.  A lot of my Christian friends would ask me “why are you getting so angry over this?”  This response to my announcement of atheism made me wonder if this whole thing wasn't that big a deal to them after all.  How could they ask such a thing?  Maybe their ‘faith’ wasn't real either, which made me even more angry because they were so insistent about Christianity this thing in the first place. 

Here is a great cartoon by the nakedpastor:

Amazing video that inspired this post:  Virtual Deaf Church

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  1. Joel I cannot speak for any other Christian but I might understand the anger. When you put everything that was most dear to you at the feet of god in spite of so much inside you pushing back against it, only to feel that there was nothing but emptiness, that you were a fool. Then the wave of anxiety, fear, and isolation that might come to live where there was once peace, hope, and a sense of connection. Feeling betrayed by a being that does not even where really to aim that anger except and the people who represent what you used to be.

    The collectively deceived inside get to laugh and enjoy all the fruits of a lie that you are incapable of believing.

    I know you really did believe. And I don't know why god is doing what he is doing your life.